Wooden Wick Candles (Our Ultimate Guide)

You might have heard of wooden wick candles – they’ve been growing in popularity over the last few years, and more people than ever are deciding to buy them over traditional candles. But what makes wooden wick candles so special? Hopefully this guide helps you understand better why wooden wick candles are so awesome:

What are wooden wick candles? 

Natural alternative to the traditional cotton candle wicks that create a soothing crackling noise to help you relax.

What makes them different?

They burn evenly, cleaner, produce less soot than cotton wicks, come with a unique crackling noise and are more sustainable to the environment.

Why are they popular?

The pleasant crackle sound from the wooden wick brings something different to the current candle market and accompanied with a delightful scent and relaxing ambiance makes this a unique experience to enjoy.

How long do wooden wick candles burn?

Our wooden wick candles have an overall burn time of approximately 30hrs. However we recommended that you do not burn your candle for more than 4hrs on each new use.

Are wooden wicks safe?

We conducted a test burn with multiple wood wick sizes and the size that we chose to use in our candle is safe as when burning the candle it had a short flame height. We also know that our wood wicks are made from the US native, sappy fruit trees and are naturally processed and sourced from Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified mills and manufactured in the USA . We do know that some wood wicks get chemically processed and may not be safe to burn in your house hold so if you require information on candle wicks then we recommend you contact the candle company before purchase. All candle companies should have safety labels either underneath or at the side of the candle with instructions on how to use your candle safely in your household.

How to use a wooden wick vs a cotton wick?

Wooden wicks don’t get carbon build-up like cotton wicks that needs to be trimmed off, however they will develop a slight amount of ash at the tip of the wick.  The ash can be easily broken off when cool before relighting or cut using a wick trimmer. If there is too much ash build-up, the flame will start to get smaller but once you remove it the flame comes back to life. Be careful not to leave any debris in your candle.

You will need a wooden clip so that it holds the wooden wick in place when placing in candle vessel/container. The clips are usually made from steel and has a flat surface which in order to stick this on the bottom but center of your candle container you will need a wick sticker. Place the wooden wick in between the steel clip, place wick sticker on the flat surface of the clip and hold down for a few seconds in the middle of candle vessel and that’s it easy-peasy. Once you pour your wax and it’s cooled down you can then trim wooden wick to recommended size.

Cotton wick candles tend to soot a lot more but this can be due to the wrong size of wick. You can also get a mushroom effect on a cotton wicks which indicates carbon build up and that the wick is to big for the vessel. I found with myself I had to experiment a lot more with cotton candle wicks than wooden wicks.

How to Make Beeswax CandlesMaking candles with cotton wicks is slightly different. You firstly need to get the right wick. You then have to use a candle diameter steel tab which is different to a wooden wick clip as it can be smaller and circle in shape. You need to purchase the correct wick sticker size to place at the bottom of the diameter steel tab. You then place your cotton wick in the middle of the candle vessel however in order to keep the wick in the center some people use wick centering tools, laundry pegs, pencils or wooden sticks which you wrap the wick around so it holds it in place when pouring in the wax. Once the wax is cooled down you can then remove any centering tool and trim wick.

Wooden wick vs cotton wick, which one is easier to maintain?

Both wicks are easy to maintain if trimmed correctly. If the candle is made in a glass jar or a container then they are both easy to clean out, reusable and recyclable. Check out our candle care page where we give you some ideas on how to reuse your candle container.

So all in all if you love wood wick candles like us then they are worth trying!

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