What Candles Keep Midges Away?

Midges in Scotland tend to come out more around the end of May/middle of September. The reason for this is that midges love warm and damp conditions and if you live or have been to Scotland then you’ll know it has more rainy days than sunny days. Midges gather in large groups specially at dawn and dusk and if your not wearing any insect repellent, midge/head net or long sleeves and they catch you, then you should probably start running for your life because when they bite it’s painful.

Keeping midges away can be seriously hard and you’ll see campers bringing all sorts of lotions and potions, face nets and even fancy lights to try and keep midges away. But did you know that candles can keep midges away effectively too? It’s not just the flickering flame that they don’t like – there are certain scents that are almost guaranteed to keep the midges at bay. Typically scents that deter midges include:

  • citrus
  • lavender
  • peppermint

Here are a few different types of candles which you can try if the midges are bothering you:

  • Citronella candles – citronella candles have a citrus-y scent that generally speaking, midges don’t like. We’d compare the smell of a citronella candle to lemongrass, so definitely a nice scent.


  • Lavender candles – these would be our personal choice for keeping midges away, because they smell the nicest to humans. Even if we weren’t being attacked by midges we’d want to use a lavender candle because they are so pleasant. We actually have a lavender candle if you’d like to check it out.


  • Mint candles – these are harder to come by and generally can smell overpowering to humans in a slightly unpleasant way (unless using a gentler scent like peppermint). However midges don’t like mint, so if you’re keen to keep them away then mint candles could be a good choice.


Keeping midges away can be a total nightmare, but using a candle with one of the above scents a long with other essential items that are needed when camping such as insect repellent, wearing long sleeves if possible and a midge head net can really help! We recommend that if you are using a candle that it’s done safely and will not cause any damage to the environment or catch fire to anything surrounding the candle. We also advise you place your candle on a hard surface such as a table if using outside and that you extinguish the candle after each new use!



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