Crackling candles

Candles have been around for many centuries and have grown so much to the point that now a days whatever candle you were looking for is most likely already on the market. They are aesthetically pleasing to look at and provide this warm cozy feeling that we all love to feel specially as we approach autumn/winter when the weather starts to get colder and there’s more rainy dark day’s than sunny day’s.

Woodwick candles give off them same feeling and accompanied with a unique crackling noise makes this the perfect cozy candle to have or add to your collection. The majority of candles that are sold on the market are the traditional cotton wick candles which are great but here at Downtime Scents are wooden wick candles are slightly different are here are some reasons why:

  • Better scent throw
  • Eco friendly candles
  • Soothing crackling noise
  • Cleaner burn
  • Less soot
  • Biodegradable
  • Vegan friendly

All our candles are handmade using natural Coconut wax, natural wood wicks and cosmetic grade fragrance oils. Our wooden wicks provide a long lasting crackling noise so no matter how many times you use your candle you will always hear it. We also provide candle care tips to help make your candles last longer and more information can be found by clicking here

Some common Questions about woodwick candles

How do woodwick candles work?

Wood wick candles allow for a cleaner and smoke free burn. The reason the candle crackles is from the wick as it burns this is known as a Pluswick® Innovation technology, designed to ensure a safe and persistent crackle experience.

Do woodwick candles burn faster?

Yes as our candles are made with natural Kerax Coconut wax which allows for a cleaner faster burn.

Are woodwick candles vegan?

Our candles are vegan friendly as we only use natural Kerax Coconut wax, cosmetic grade fragrance oils and natural wood wicks. None of the candles we make are tested on animals, the wax is biodegradable and candle container can be recycle or reused.

Why won’t my woodwick candle stay lit?

It is true that wood wick candles require more maintenance and there’s many reasons why your candle may not be staying lit. Please visit our candle care tips page on useful information on how to avoid this happening and how to make your candle last longer.

Are woodwick candles safe?

Our woodwick candles are not chemically treated and are safe to burn. We test burnt our wicks to make sure they were suitable for our candles. The crackling noise comes from the wick and is perfectly normal.

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