Cheaper Yankee Candle Alternative

Yankee candles have been on the market for years and why not? The company provides high quality candles that feature both traditional and innovative designs. They have a huge selection of fragrances but are they the best in every department? Many people would answer yes without hesitation.

As a massive candle lover myself, I have been impressed with the quality of Yankee candles in terms of scent, however in terms of cost these candles can be expensive and at times most of the candles I’ve purchased from Yankee have had its faults which resulted in me having to return the candle or placing it away in the cupboard because it hasn’t burned properly and candle wax still remains so to me it feels like a waste of a candle and purchase.

Nowadays the candle market is growing and we all know that woodwick candles are rising in popularity. Our woodwick candles provide a great natural alternative to Yankee candles traditional cotton wick candle. Our candles weigh 240g, made with natural Coconut wax, natural woodwicks and high quality cosmetic grade fragrance oils. Our candles have an overall burn time of 30hrs + however it’s recommended that you burn your candle for no longer than 3-4hrs on each new use.

The closest candle you can compare our candle to on their website is the Yankee candle small jar which weighs 104g, priced at £8.99 and has an overall burn time of 20-30hrs. They have two different delivery costs:

  • UK Standard – £2.95
  • UK Express – £5.95

The total amount payable at check out can cost roughly over £11.00 depending on what delivery method you pick. For a small 104g candle jar that’s pretty pricey. Our candles weigh 240g, priced at £9.99 (total cost at checkout including delivery charge is £13.09) looks smaller than the Yankee candle jar in terms of height but has a powerful scent throw, overall burn time of 30hrs +, weighs more which means you get more for your money and it’s better value. If your looking for a candle that is a more natural alternative and better for the environment then our candles won’t let you down.

How can our candles be made cheaper than Yankee candles?

We aim to make our candles with the best environmentally friendly products as much as possible because we care about our world. We post our candles with as minimal packaging as possible using recyclable cardboard boxes, our candle containers can be recycle or reused, our wax is biodegradable and our wood wick is made from US native, sappy fruit trees and are naturally processed and sourced from Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified mills and manufactured in the USA. With all this in mind we aim to keep our cost levels as low as possible when purchasing the items we need to use in order to make an amazing woodwick candle and wax melt for our customers.

Why are Yankee candles so expensive?

Yankee have a wide range of candles they sell all of which come in various sizes, colours and designs. The reason why Yankee candles can cost so much can depend on multiple reasons, for example:

  • The size of candle (large, medium, small, votive candles, tea lights etc)
  • The scent they use (cost of oils used to create the scent)
  • New collection launches (often the newer collections are priced higher to see more exclusive)
  • The shape (for example square candles can be more complicated to make and therefore more expensive)
  • Personalised candles (often requires manual labour hence the increased price)

Not only do you have to consider the factors above when thinking about why Yankee candles can be so expensive, but also you have to consider that Yankee sell other items such as:

  • candle accessories (candle care tools, tea light holders),
  • gift ideas (bags, lockets, candle holders),
  • home and travel items (reed diffusers, wax melts and car fresheners)

All of which can add even more to your bill. So as you can see Yankee have definitely covered a wide range of candle products and items, but depending on what you pick to buy the total price range could be anything from £2 to £100. However they do offer free standard UK delivery for items over £30 so you will be saving pennies in terms of delivery charges.

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