Cheap Woodwick Candles (Good or Bad Idea?)

Woodwick candles are growing in popularity massively, however a problem that some people have are the price, quality and maintenance of woodwick candles. People seem to think that generally speaking woodwick candles are more expensive than traditional cotton wick candles, however if you do your research you’ll find that not all woodwick candles are expensive, and you can actually get them pretty cheap. Here is a short guide to help you find cheaper woodwick candles:

Do some research on what your buying!

A lot of candle websites such as Etsy have a huge range of candles including woodwick candles that come in all shapes, colours and sizes. The price range can be anywhere from £2.00 to £100 and the majority of these candles are handmade. Not all candles that are cheap are bad and not all candles that are expensive are good but the most important piece of information to look out for is the product information/ingredients. What does the candle company use when it comes to making their product? where do the ingredients come from? is the wax biodegradable? are the fragrance oils harmful? is the wick/woodwick 100% natural?

Most candle companies use as natural as can be products when making candles however if you did have any questions before purchasing then just reach out to the company if possible.


Customer reviews are so important when it comes to buying any product. It gives you a really good insight as to what customers think about that product and if it’s worth purchasing. Be sure to read some of the reviews carefully as some customers may be talking about a completely different product to the one you are purchasing which can be very off putting. Also companies really benefit from reviews so if your product/item is amazing then please remember to share the love and leave a review.


You may end up asking yourself, how come this candle is £3.00 but this candle is £30 and it’s the same product! well there will be a reason as to why the prices are different but that’s why it’s important to check the candle product description, ingredients and reviews! specially when it comes to purchasing an item that will end up being in your home.


Packing is also important when it comes to shipping any products out. With global warming rising! a huge majority of candle companies manufacture items such as wrapping paper, bubble wrap, mailing bags, boxes and labels that are biodegradable, recyclable, reusable and overall more environmentally friendly which is great! We use as minimal packaging as possible when sending out our candles/wax melts to our customers. We also use as much environmentally friendly packaging as possible.


Overall our woodwick candles are handmade, we know exactly where our products come from, our wax is biodegradable, we use high quality fragrance oils and our packaging is minimal and can be recycled. We provide some useful tips on how to reuse your candle wax, containers and packaging. Woodwick candles are a natural alternative to traditional cotton wick candles, have a unique crackling sound and overall better for the environment of your home.

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