Autumn candles (The best candles for Autumn)

Autumn is a time of year after summer when it starts to get a bit colder, tree leaves start changing colour, daylight is noticeably shorter, you get the cashmere out of the back of your wardrobe and you end up spending more time indoors.

As a huge candle lover myself Autumn is one of my favourite months and as the weather gets colder outside it’s a perfect excuse to put a candle on. Candles not only provide a relaxing atmosphere but can instantly set a great mood or special occasion. Theirs’s something about lighting a candle that makes you feel so warm and happy inside and outside. The light from the wick is strangely addictive to stare at. On our website we sell a number of our favourite candles which are ideal for putting on at Autumn time and here’s a selection:

Apple – Not only does the colour of the fruit resemble the falling leaves from the trees but the fresh sweet scent reminds you of all the lovely pastries and pies that tend to be made more often round about this season. Such as Apple pie, Apple crumble, Apple turnover and many more. Unfortunately you can’t eat this candle but you certainly can enjoy the scent while day dreaming of all of these delicious things.




Pomegranate and Fig – With notes of Peach, Apple, Raspberry, Passion fruit and lime against a floral backdrop of Rose petals. Another rich scent which can be enjoyed at Christmas time with friends and family or any season or occasion.





Rose and Vanilla – Vanilla is a sweet refreshing scent that has a very cosy home like feel to it. Since Autumn is a month that usually means more cosy days in, this candle scent is perfect for setting that relaxing atmosphere in your home.

Autumn has an endless list of amazing scents that we have yet to discover and I can’t wait! My hope is that I can grow this list and provide you with more candle scent options for you to enjoy and share with your friends and family.

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