Why choose an Apple candle?

Our Apple scented candle is one of our favourites! it’s soft sweet scent with subtle white musk and creamy orchid is perfect enough to eat (unfortunately you can’t). With an excellent scent throw this candle will bring a warm cosy feeling to the atmosphere of your home which is accompanied with a relaxing crackling noise from the wooden wick. Perfect for lighting after a stressful day or simply wanting to set the mood.

We all know there’s candles out there that sometimes can be too strong on the nose so when lighting, it can create an unenjoyable atmosphere. For example you end up getting headaches or feeling nauseous which in this case we would recommend not using the candle again. Because our Apple candle has a fresh sweet scent it’s not over powering and will not cause headaches or nauseous unless you don’t like sweet scents then obv course this candle is not for you.

Our candles have an overall burn time of 30 hours, however it’s recommended that you only burn your candle for 3-4 hours on each new use. Trimming the wick of your candle helps prevent tunneling and can make your candle last longer.

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