About Us

Candles provide us with a sense of warmth and relaxation in our homes and with the current world situation self-care is more so important. I have always been a lover for candles because not only do they smell nice but they really help me de-stress so I therefore decided to start my business during lock down and I chose the name Downtime Scents. I really do believe candles can help lift our moods and I hope my candles and wax melts can help you take that downtime that we all deserve.

I chose to make woodwick candles because the crackling noise makes the candle different and it's very therapeutic to listen to. Wax melts are another great addition to have because they are just so easy to use and although it's smaller than a candle it definitely has the same strength as one. 

My candles are hand made with love and care and I aim to source the highest quality ingredients for my candles in the UK so that you (our lovely customers) only receive the best! I use the best fragrance oils that make your candles and wax melts smell incredible up-to its very last burn!

When creating my candles and wax melts I aim to use ECO friendly products as much as possible that are Cruelty-Free and Vegan. The wax is biodegradable, packaging is minimal and can be recycled/reused. 

Thank you for visiting my website and I hope you love these candles and wax melts as much as I do.