Abalon (Our Review)

Abalon are a handmade porcelain candle company based in London, founded in 2015. We first found these guys after looking online for porcelain candle holders, and when we found Abalon we thought it would be good to let our readers know about them. They also sell porcelain lamps and jewellery which is really cool. Let’s get into the review:

What are the Abalon products like?

We mentioned the candle holders so let’s start there. Abalon have a range of porcelain candle holders which are available in a range of styles. The porcelain is translucent so you get a lovely glow coming through the holder when you have a candle in there. The porcelain used to make the holders is from Stoke-On-Trent, so this is a proper handmade UK product!
If you’re interested in other porcelain products, Abalon also have lamps and jewellery you can check out. Similar to the candle holders, the porcelain lamps are translucent so they allow some of the light to trickle through the sides, giving a really cool effect.
The jewellery is also gorgeous, made with the same porcelain and finished with gold to give it that luxury look. Overall we are super impressed with the products these guys have on offer.
If you’re interested in learning more about the processes Abalon use to make their products, there is actually a great documentary you can check out on their website.
We will certainly be ordering a holder soon! Check Abalon out here – https://www.abalonuk.com/

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