Handmade Beautifully Scented Candles

Sit back, relax and watch our candles and wax melts get to work filling your room with wonderful aromas! Accompanied by soothing crackling sounds that echo around your home from our woodwick candles.

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Woodwick Candles

Take a look at our woodwick candle range made with Kerax Coconut wax and high-quality fragrance oils that fill your room with beautiful aromas until it's very last burn. These candles have an excellent burn time and are accompanied with a unique soothing crackling noise from the woodwick.

Wax Melts

If your not to keen on crackling candles then wax melts are a perfect alternative. They provide the same scent quality as our candles and you only need to use 1 melt at a time. Check out our wax melt page for more information and the unique scents we are loving right now and hope you guys do to.

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woodwick candles

Blog Page

Find out useful information on how to fix candle tunnelling, why woodwick candles crackle, cheaper Yankee candle alternatives, benefits of candles, how to use candle tools, how to prolong your candle and much more. 

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